Gay Marriage and the NWO Agenda

The SCOTUS ruling was completely predictable.

Does anyone here remember the very Liberal U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the will of the California’s voters by declaring
Proposition 8 (the 2008 ballot measure that limited marriage to one man and one woman) as “unconstitutional” ?…

It should have been clear to all then, that votes do NOT matter when it goes against the NWO agenda

I need to make my stance clear on this issue before I start in:

1.) I could care less what consenting adults do in private.

2.) I do NOT belong to any organized religion.

This is a Conspiracy site, yet I’ve only come across one post in the six pages I’ve read (I don’t have time to read all 42 pages of the thread,
“Supreme Court extends same-sex marriage nationwide”) that seem to “get it.” That was “BrianFlanders” post on page 5:…

TPTB, the “Ruling Cabal” or the “Bilderbergers Steering Committee” does NOT give a flying fig about “civil or human rights” for their

It’s like the ATS-ers have forgotten that the “Bilderbergers” have been steering our Academia and Media for the last 60 years.

The responses on that thread show what an excellent job the Bilderbergers have done in INDOCTRINATING the masses.

This “Gay Marriage Civil Rights” has nothing to do with promoting “human rights.” It has everything to do with destroying marriage.

Marriage will be made meaningless. Let me explain.

What this does is open the door to a plethora of FAKE GAY marriages (as well as other variations on marriage). People will marry just to get the
material benefits of marriage. Marriage will be a joke. The abuse of marriage will be so widespread that eventually the “benefits” will be
withdrawn. (Corporations are always looking for ways to cut HR costs.)

TPTB have already gone a long way in the last 60 years to destroy sexual morality, marriage, and families anyway. This new “Gay civil right” will
accelerate the process even more.

The NWO slave does not need to have his loyalties divided; he does not need a family. His loyalties should be solely for the corporation who
employs/owns him.

It’s coming.

The hated Fundamentalist Christians will be destroyed or forced to go underground, along with their “outmoded” traditional values.

The U.S. Constitution is an outmoded piece of paper.
National sovereignty is an outmoded concept.
Capitalism and private property are selfish.
The Carbon Tax is needed to punish the evil 1st World countries – “Social Justice” and “Redistribution of Wealth.”

How well they’ve learned their lessons.

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