Frozen methane gas releases

Now, it’s known that during earthquakes and seafloor slides, pockets of methane can be released into the ocean… and eventually into the air.

Ever since the Bermuda triangle adventures, people have not considered much the natural catastrophic side of things, such as in Malaysia these days.
But now I am going to wake up the idea, that gases inside the earth slip into the air and can cause gas pockets, that can cause massive bird deaths
… ships sinking like rocks, and aeroplanes disappearing in the Bermuda triangle.

Anyone interested in these thoughts …

We’re talking about huge amounts of frozen methane, that is just under the sea sediment and can be released during seafloor tremors. Isn’t this, a
far more dangerous reality than for example … meteorites and meteors. What if we had a huge volcanic outburst in the ring of fire, how much methane
could slip into the air … and how much other gases could slip into the air.

What could we be facing … is it safer to let the methane be, or is it safer to harvest it.

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