freaky voices in my head followed by nightmare

so I was laying in my bed this mid morning after already having woken up and stuff. decided to lay back in bed. then my eyes closed and i wasn’t
alseep i’d say because i was quite aware of being in bed but with my eyes locked closed, so it felt like i was simply aware and relaxed in the
darkness of my mind. my body was very relaxed as well but not sleep paralyzed. it was like the darkness became me.

then i started to hear two male voices in my head not being controlled by me. i spoke to them with my thoughts but the freaky part was i would think
the words and small child’s voice would say them out loud in my head for them to hear and respond to.

I felt a mild fear as to how these voices would react towards me so I thought of the most generic and nicest questions to ask them. the child’s voice
would somehow hear my thoughts and then speak them awaiting the men to answer. it was like the two male voices spoke at the same time but one sounded
slow and mumbled while the other one was clear and i think translating the unintelligible voice.

running out of things to ask and feeling an increase in awkwardness i thought of asking if the men speaking were voices of the dead.

the child’s voice then said “are you dead?”

there was no verbal response and a greater sense of unease. then i felt a physical energy force rush over me and that’s when i really panicked.

i then felt a full on sleep paralysis kick in and struggled tofully awaken. it wasn’t working very well. i then thought to myself, “i know what to do”
and the little boy/child’s voice I heard say, “let’s pray”.

I started to think of the lord’s prayer and the little voice began to say it, “our father thou art in heaven…”

after a few lines of the prayer I snapped out of the state and turned on my tv. started watching cnn’s breaking news about russia and something abut
the U.N.

I fell back asleep and had a vivid dream that I was in the U.N. and a birthday party was being thrown for a prince from Nairobi.

however the dream soon became a nightmare as I witnessed human limbs being prepared on a nearby table for the meal. I awoke after being inundated with
horrendous gory visuals of dissection and butchery.

Haven’t been back to sleep since and I feel a bit apprehensive about falling alseep tonight.

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