France Plane Crash: Cockpit Had To Be Locked From Inside

I think this news deserves its own thread, as this is a very interesting development.

Various pilots and cable channels have made it abundantly clear that a pilot can always get into the cockpit without the other pilot letting him in.
That’s because there’s a code the pilot outside of the cockpit can put in to get back in.


Unless a pilot inside the cockpit has put the lock on the door in a position that disallows the pilot on the outside (one who went to the bathroom for
example) from getting back in.

In other words, the pilot in the cockpit had to purposely disable the lock so that the pilot who had exited couldn’t get back in at all. This must
be done purposely.

Some interesting questions arise from this:

Why was the plane off autopilot? Is it a coincidence that the plane was off autopilot at the same time the pilot who had exited couldn’t get back

The windscreen breaking seems unlikely since they would HEAR a virtual wind storm on the voice recorder and that wasn’t mentioned. In fact, what was
mentioned was they could actually HEAR the pilot who had exited knocking on the door.

First very softly. Then louder and louder.

So, is this a likely scenario? The pilot in the cockpit locked the other pilot out and then had a medical incident, taking the plane off auto pilot
and made a smooth and controlled descent into a mountain?

I hope to hear your ideas about this.

Of course, it’s possible we’ll never know. That seems to be the way it goes these days.

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