Fish can slow down global warmingâ€but not if we keep eating them

I think this is the right forum. Mods move if not. According to this article, we are destroying the very thing which works to keep the atmosphere in
balance because we eat it. Apparently, there’s a system in place where Phytoplankton absord or “eat” CO2 then those plants are eaten by the middle
level fish. Those Middle level fish are eaten by the lower level fish “deep sea fish” and that’s how the CO2 completes its journey into the depths
of the deep sea.

In fact, bottom-dwellers transfer more than a million tonnes of CO2 a year from surface waters of the UK and Ireland, helpfully storing between €8
million and €14 million ($10.9 million and $19 million) a year in carbon credit value, says a new study (paywall) by a University of Southampton
team. Killing too many of those fishes, as well as the ones they feed on, risks damaging the ocean’s ability to store carbon, leaving more CO2 in
the atmosphere.

It’s a pretty interesting read for all of you scientists here at ATS. I think it’s important information. What says ATS?…

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