Ferguson is a well executed psyop and you all fell for it.

The globalists and have been using the engineered “civil unrest” operation for a few years and in many countries. How many of the protesters are
government sponsored provocateurs and how many of the “rioters” are undercover police?
They have been caught using dirty tricks like provocateurs and false flag strategies before. More of this red team(black people) vs blue team(white
people) script. Coca cola vs Pepsi. Cowboys vs Redskins.Yankees vs Redsox(or Orioles).Problem Reaction Solution. Wash rinse out the psyop and repeat

Notice how the ingsoc media ignores the peaceful protesters and focuses exclusively on the paid shills. The corporate controlled media will not
portray the protesters as peaceful but edit the tape to make them all look like violent domestic terrorists and the national guard/police as the
I guess people will beg for a transhumanist techno-leninist police state now? lol

First the simulated bioweapon outbreak now this.

Lets see…

affordable care act—marxist surveillance grid/secret tax
school massacre shootings—gun rights.Proles can’t have weapons. With weapons they could fight back in a martial law scenario.
ebola/sars—get your vaccines from bill gates!!!
snowden/hacker activists like guccifer—-internet ID,Internet killswitch
chemtrail altering the atmosphere—-“climate change” hoax
chemtrails—test drive for spying nerve agent or biotoxin on a population if they get out of control.
cia armed isis–excuse to attack syria and iran
lowered gas prices/crimea invasion—economic WW3 with russia


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