Faster Than Light Travel is Possible

As most of you already know, matter may not reach light speed, for it would take an infinite amount of energy to move even a single atom at this
speed. Let alone pushing matter at a speed faster then light. Keeping that in mind, technically, though, there is a rather interesting detail.

Imagine two trains going in opposite ways. One train goes North at 60 mph, and the other train goes South at 60 mph. Each single trains are spending
energy to reach 60mph only, and are not spending energy to reach 120 mph. Relative to each other, though, the trains are in fact going at 120 mph.

Now imagine two spacecrafts going in opposite ways. One spacecraft goes towards the Taurus constellation at 0.75 c (three quarters of the speed of
light), and the other goes towards the Sagittarius constellation at 0.75 c. According to my math, this makes each spacecraft travel, relative to
another, at 1.5 c
(one and a half the speed of light).

This has limited practical implication, of course. Following this logic, to make a ship leave Earth at a FTL speed, one would have to push the ship in
one direction at over 0.5 c – and push the entire solar system in the opposite direction at over 0.5 c.

But academical implication is that technically, the speed for an object, traveling relative to an (albeit moving) observer, may in fact relatively
easily exceed the speed of light.
It could be possible, in such condition, to have objects seemingly travel faster than light – and bend
space-time accordingly.

Food for thought.


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