Expose on 9-23-17 Illuminati Media References

So with all the awareness being brought to the VAST amount of signs coinciding on the Jewish holiday
Rosh Hashanah the “FESTIVAL OF TRUMPETS”

2017 date sunset, September 20 –
nightfall, September 22
(In the western world spanning Sept 21st – 23rd)

As many point out, that just as there were many “signs” in the media pointing to the 9/11 event, well before it happened, that there are the same type
of “signs” in the media pointing towards 9/21-23/17.

After understanding these observations, I began to mildly keep an eye out for them.

I’ll post later, some of the ones other people have posted in the past on youtube

…but here are some I’ve recently observed…

Ready for some Illuminati Hollywood hidden symbology regarding the date of the beginning of the Apocalypse?
So sit back and enjoy…
…Here goes…

DEKKER on Adult Swim
Book 1 Episode 3
With an explosive suitcase in-hand, Decker struggles to get answers from the President’s tight-lipped code expert. Will he break the three-digit
code and reveal the sensitive information
contained within the case? Or will the explosion destroy the United States capital and two centuries’
worth of American history?

At 1:44 (9) on the timeline, while contacting the “code expert” the loading screen starts to show the expert on screen at 21% and finishes showing him
at 23%.  (Not 100%)

And the “code” on the case reads “1-2-9”
12 backwards as 21, with “23” visible above the 1-2

Season 1 Episode 4
“Run for the Money”
The episode focuses on a football game between the two rival schools.
(I’m thinking hmmm I wonder if they’re use these numbers I the score board…)

At the end of the football game, with 9 yards to go…

the home team’s score goes from a losing 17…

…to a winning 23…


This is the most explicitly, bluntly expressed one I’ve seen to date. I strongly recommend checking it out.

In the movie Passengers (2016), at the climax of the movie, Jennifer Lawrence’s
character “Aurora” has to remember the CODE Laurence Fishburne’s character tells her earlier.

In order to resurrect her love interest she must say the code (not revealed to the audience earlier.).

(I’m thinking hmmm I wonder if they’ll use these date numbers for the computer code…)
She screams it out at the top of her lungs to the voice input computer…
“9! 23! 17!”

(I had a really weird adrenaline shock when that happened… after just possibly expecting it.)

And just for taste, I’ll throw in…
You guessed it…

The Simpsons: Dad Behavior, November 20, 2016
At 7:11 (9) in the timeline Homer knocks on door #23 next to door #21

If you have seen any OTHER of these types of explicit references to September 21-23, 2017, please contribute in detail!

Thanks for watching, and I hope you have all your things in order by Sept 20th (at least).

Save the date!


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