Experimental Idea

Hallo ATS!!

So I had an idea that I wanted to run by the community here.

I’m currently in the muddled process of applying for college at the fresh young age of 27!

This is mos def a new experience for me. I understand that most of you may already have enjoyed or purposefully forgotten those years yourself, but
others may not have.

Here’s the deal, I’m considering starting a thread that gives some background into my life and decisions I’ve made recently. I want to use it as a
sort of online diary/blog to record my progression, thoughts, feelings and possible hardships.

Rather than just start some generic blog in some obscure part of the web, I like the idea of having the ATS community being able to give input and
advice where needed. Some of you may even be able to use my experience to your benefit in other threads or just to help you make decisions that you
may need some guidance on.

I reckon the point of this thread here is just to see what the rest of you skallywags think of this idea and whether it would be supported by one of
the greatest group of minds on the net

I should add that I am in America. That is sort of the push to do this; American education system being a big issue right now.


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