Everything You Know Is Wrong…

Below is a video of Lloyd Pye, discussing the origins of humans, the earth. and early culture.

I personally believe that from all of the so name truth’s we find in the world, from the extream left to the extream right. That the real truth is in
the middle. So many people cant be wrong… or at least completely

I have allays found it curious that so many religions can be traced back to earlier renditions of the same key aspects, and can claim no affiliation
to the earlier religions… This has always raised my brow in suspicion, as to why. But as is well know religion has often changed its stand’s point’s
in the past, to cast its nets further.

But as for science. This is meant to be, the be all and end all of everything there is and ever was.. And yet we can still find holes, and things that
simply don’t add up. But how can that be?

I’d like to propose that maybe there is some divine driving force watching over us. But not as we would suspect it to act(as a benevolent entity) . I
believe that this force could be closed mindedness(hang on a sec before you rage) my reason’s to think this is because without it would were of really
been able to get were we are today?
Its always been said that ignorance is bliss
The wars, The lies, and everything that is substantial to being a human, as a human becoming.

I decided on this video as it really illiterate’s my point…

What do you guys think?


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