EU official Forcing Serbia by Pressure Serbia to support sanctions Agaisnt Russia

EU official Forcing Serbia by Pressure Serbia to “support sanctions Agaisnt Russia”

If Serbia wishes to Join the Euporean Union it must therefore support sanctions Agaisnt Russia and be a little good puppy. The majority of Serbs were
furious of the news when they heard that the EU offical was forcing Serbia to join the sanctions Agaisnt Russia.

If Serbia supports sanctions Agaisnt Russia, Russia would no longer Serbs in any ways, this would be siudcal.
EU official urges Serbia to “support sanctions”

He was talking to reporters in Brussels on Friday, as quoted by the APA news agency, when he said that Serbia “has its own history and its relations
with Russia,” but according to him, “will have to decide at a certain point.”

If Serbia wishes to join Greece and Italy and further pain on its people it must betray Russia and support the sanctions Agaisnt Russia this is
exactly what he means.

Here’s the important and interesting which you wont hear on the westren news outlets, “FORCIBLE Culture Change” is not about the EU laws or the
money its about expanding further into Russia, and isolating the country while the EU blames Putin for isolating Russia its actually a mixed

Its more about Changing Serbia’s Culture

“At the same time it is less about taking EU laws, and more about changing the culture and the thinking, as well as providing evidence
those changes are sustainable,” he said.

more about changing the culture and the thinking
“The Thinking”
“Changing the culture”

In other terms this.
Removing Russian/Slavic cultures while imposing America’s/Brittan’s image cultures into the region.

Russia Will Join the Euporean Union With Putin or without.
For now Euporean Union Empire must stay strong

He also expressed the hope that “Russia will return to the negotiating table,” and, “in its own interest, again become a full-fledged member
of the international community.”

Europe, he added, must remain strong, united and clear.

Isn’t it yet clear now that the Euporean Union is an Empire? what the Euporean Union is doing in Serbia is not about democracy or imposing laws of
there own.

Its about changing your country’s cultures through illegal immigration, and destroying your culture native heritage, the response of the Serbian
public has not being positive.

Serbs do not support joining the Euporean Union, only the puppets in the parliament do.

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