Encoded Magnets

Working on a toy for his grandson, scientist and inventor Larry Fullerton wondered whether coding and correlation theory used for communications in
radar signals in the time domain could be applied to magnetic structures in the spatial domain.

He built a prototype to test his theory. It was a pair of encoded magnetic structures designed to produce strong coupling force in only one spatial
orientation. It worked.

The name of the company that resulted is Correlated Magnetics Research. Here is an introductory video:

Their website states:

Correlated magnetics is a fundamental breakthrough in magnetics. By combining many magnetic fields, CMR’s patented Polymagnet® technology
transforms ordinary magnets into precision-tailored magnetic systems that produce complex functions not possible with conventional magnets. Magnetic
functions are created with the world’s first magnetic printer, the CMR MagPrinter®. The MagPrinter creates patterns of small magnetic regions
called maxels on rare-earth, ferrite or flexible magnetic materials. Each Polymagnet pattern creates a unique function – demonstrated in videos


Thanks to Jason Verbelli of Searl Magnetics for posting his YouTube video bringing this to my attention:


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