ELECTION FRAUD: Ron Paul vs The Savagery of the Opposition

As someone who has been a solid supporter of Ron Paul right up to the point where math said he was simply impossible at any level, I’d say the calls
of fraud are largely misplaced. Oh, it happened…in some cases, yes I think it definitely did. I don’t think it happened anywhere near enough to
have changed the outcome.

Ron Paul was the right man with the right ideas. He was also a man without a nation in very real ways. The Democrats hated him and just dismissed him
out of hand. The Republican party, his own party, have actually floating candidates AGAINST him in his OWN district, for goodness sakes. I’d said
this a few months ago, but Paul was fighting BOTH parties and the media from day 1. Against all that?? In THIS cycle? He did an outstanding job
getting as far as he did.

I sure had hope..because in a nation where Obama can be elected, ANYONE can be. However…it’s time to be realistic here and this isn’t a choice
between Romney, Obama and Paul. This is a choice between Obama and Romney. Red or Black. Odd or Even. There isn’t a 3rd way this goes… So, which
evil is the lesser of the two? Which way that decision goes inside each person’s own mind will decide the future of our nation….or perhaps whether
it HAS a future at all as the nation we’ve known it.


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