Earthquake Predicted for Southern California by Scientist. MUST WATCH VIDEO!

TheBarCaroller on You Tube is a scientist in Australia who has done educational videos for awhile now. He has a huge following. He is saying Southern
California, looks like San Diego and Baja California could realize a 6.5 to 7.0 earthquake. The period of time to watch is Oct. 12th-17th. His video
verbiage states 10/13/12, but he verbalizes in his video, starting 10/12/12. Regardless, I live in San Diego and we had a jolt type earthquake at
12:30 am PST today, so something is definitely brewing.

An earthquake in the Balleny Islands Region October 9th could produce a strong kinetic migration into the west coast of North America in the
coming days, strong migration relationships of past earthquakes may indicate areas at risk for a 6.5-7.0 magnitude earthquake potential in one of
these listed locations in the coming days: Southern California, Sonora Mexico, Baja California, Gulf Of California or the Nevada Region. Time Frame
suggests Oct 13-17

He also did a video late August, 12 stating the Southern California earthquake swam could in fact be a precursor to a larger quake.

Link to YT video

Link to Earthquake Forecast Website

Link to USGS Website for USA Earthquakes in Real Time

Sample content for Subscribers of the solarwatcher website Blog Entry #204 Trialing a new EQ migration vector which may indicate a strong
earthquake in the coming days. An earthquake recorded in the Balleny Islands Oct 2nd, indicates a strong meridian migration moving north-east which
should produce a strong kinetic release through the Pacific plate into the west coast of North America. Possible locations for this event are:
Southern California Baja, California, Mexico Sonora Mexico

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