Driver survivor: Trucker cheats death with acrobatic grace (VIDEO)

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“A Russian truck driver has escaped a potentially fatal crash by performing a miraculous stunt: after his cab collided with another truck, he escaped
unscathed and on his feet after flying through his front windshield. The feat was caught on video.”…

Dude has been sayin’ his prayers.
I would have gone straight out and bought a lottery ticket cuz today was his lucky day.

And in other news, local man slips in bathtub while taking a shower and dies.

Aint life peculiar?

And to conclude,

When it’s your time to go….YOU’RE GONE.
And when it’s not, you aint going nowhere.

There is a higher power at play here and if it says your time aint up then you go nowhere no matter how bad the accident.

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