Dr Who?? : UFO PhD dissertations

Section E: UFO PhD dissertations – author to be located

I’ve also collated a list of further relevant PhD dissertations (some of which I’ve obtained, some of which I’m awaiting from a colleague in the
USA) where I need to locate contact details for the author and ask if they have any plans to upload their dissertation or are willing to give their
permission for me to upload a searchable PDF copy of their dissertation to a free file storage website (such as box.com or minus.com).

Since my time is rather limited (and I’m also working on another couple of ufological projects…), if anyone else reading this thread can find any
relevant contact details for any of the authors listed in this Section, that would be great. I can then send them a request for their permission and,
hopefully, add their PhD dissertation to the collection of material freely available online.

If anyone is minded to do a few searches for relevant contact details, I’d suggest prioritising looking for the contact details for the authors of
dissertations that I’ve already obtained (as indicated in the list below). Where I’m awaiting a copy of the relevant dissertation, contact details
are a lower priority.

1973 PhD, Michael K. Schutz, Organizational Goals and Support-Seeking Behavior: A Comparative Study of Social Movement Organizations in the UFO,
Northwestern University
(Awaiting copy)

1984 PhD, Peter Michael Rojcewicz, The Boundaries of Orthodoxy: A Folkloric Look at the “UFO Phenomenon” – University of Pennsylvania
(Copy obtained)

1986 PhD, June Parnell, Personality Characteristics on the MMPI, 16PF, and ACL of Persons Who Claim UFO Experiences, University of Wyoming
(Copy obtained)

1990 PhD, Robert Pearson Flaherty, Flying saucers and the new angelology: Mythic projection of the Cold War and the convergence of opposites,
University of California, Los Angeles
(Copy obtained)

1992 PhD, Jo Stone- Carmen, Personality characteristics and self-identified experiences of individuals reporting possible abduction by unidentified
flying objects (UFOs), United States International University
(Awaiting copy)

1995 PhD, Diana Jean Tumminia, Brothers from the sky: Myth and reality in a flying saucer group, University of California, Los Angeles
(Awaiting copy)

1998 PhD, Brenda Denzler, The Lure of the Edge: Science, Religion, and the Alien Abduction Movement, Duke University
(Copy obtained)

2000 PhD, Andres Zlotsky, Supposed Science, Alleged Fiction: Distortion Patterns in the Transmission, of Cultural Paradigms, in the Twentieth Century
, State University of New York – Buffalo
(Awaiting copy)

2001 PhD – Bridget M. Brown “The Terror is Real. The history and politics of alien abduction”, New York University
(Copy obtained)

2001 PhD, Carol Suzanne Matthews, Taken: Constructions of ‘Race’, ‘Biology’ and Colonialism in Alien Abduction Narrative in the United States,
University of Kansas
(Awaiting copy)

2001 D. Min. – Robert C. Hendrix, Biblical analysis of the UFO/Alien Abduction phenomenon with possible implications for end times deception,
Northwest Graduate School of the ministry, Redmond, Washington,
(Awaiting copy)

2004 PhD, Ryan Cook, Weather-Workers, Saucer Seekers, and Orthoscientists: Epistemic Authority in Central Mexico, University of Chicago
(Awaiting copy)

2004 PhD, Arthur C. Fricke, SETI science: Managing alien narratives, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
(Copy obtained)

2005 PhD, Jan Bertil Heilund, Tensions, synthesis and spirituality in the Norwegian UFO movement, especially exemplified by the world outlook of the
organization , University of Bergen, Norway (EUROUFO)
(Awaiting copy)

2006 PhD, Zoe Couacaud, How the alien invaded the American mind: a history of experts, entrepreneurs, story-tellers, and a love of the alien in modern
American culture, University of Sydney (DASH)
(Awaiting copy)


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