Dont get misdirected in the Saville investigation

Jimmy Saville was straight and not a Mason. He was also not a boy scout leader, a teacher or a priest. I have been following the Saville case and am
saddened to watch it lose track. There is another thread on ATS about the situation in England and it has two videos. The first is of the people
investigating. In it one of the investigators is asked if the person being interviewed is concerned that people in power may have hurt the
investigation in the past, he responds by saying that he thinks people may have had undue influence and they should be asked if they were Masons. He
did this because there have been major scandals in England involving police and judges where all types of cases were tampered with. He was NOT
implying that all Masons are pedophiles.

The second video has someone interviewing David Cameron their Prime Minister. Mr. Cameron talks about how they are really serious about finding out
what was going on. Mr. Cameron then says that he doesn’t want a witch hunt. The interviewer gives him a list of names and the news now is about if
the should have given the list on television or not. Mr Cameron says that they don’t want a witch hunt going after any people because they are gay.
That is not what this is about. Mr. Saville was not gay, he was not a Mason, he was suspected and investigated and nothing happened.

Nearly everyone on UK paedophile ring list is a Freemason says abuse victim,

The line of investigation to follow has to be Mr. Saville himself. This is the same way all the other investigations were derailed. What Mr. Cameron
is attempting to do is have so many different investigations going on that it looks exactly like a witch hunt, the next step will be to find out that
one of the investigations went overboard or made things up to discredit all of the investigations. What they are attempting to do is muddy the water
down the road, they will get a Gary Glitter, some dead politician, one or two living, high profile people; but, the trail to follow is the politicians
and members of the royal family that were close to Mr. Saville.

Mr. Saville was not supplying children to the gay network, though some were gay. He was not supplying the Masons, though some were Masons. He was
supplying the rich and powerful, the was not supplying the average person and the only person to be arrested so far was known pedophile Gary Glitter.
That was the first attempt to confuse the public. When every group is expendable then it has to go pretty high.

Why do three investigations into what the BBC knew at the same time that you are investigating the over 300 witnesses against Saville. You put the
best on the Saville case and do the BBC investigation later, why allow the pedophiles to continue longer?

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