Do you have unanswered questions but feel too afraid to ask them?

There are many different topics on ATS and members have joined for different reasons but one thing we all have in common is that we like to learn.
There are members who have been on ATS for a very long time and members who just recently joined, everyone has different things that they bring to
this community. We explore new topics and ask questions but sometimes we may not want to ask a certain question in fear of being mocked. Everyone has
their areas where they are knowledgeable and other areas where they aren’t so much. As a community, we can come together and answer those unasked

For example: I like to learn about science technology but it is an area that I don’t know much about, just the basics. I learn things differently
than most so growing up, my Mom and I had to figure out how I learned best. That meant I kept my attention only on subjects that I was interested in
and good at. Subjects like science technology were kept minimal due to lack of interest. That being said, there are topics on ATS about science
technology where I don’t understand terminology and sometimes concepts. Instead of asking here, where some stuff seems like it is basic knowledge to
a lot of people, I ask my fiance because I know he won’t judge me for not knowing.

Here is your chance to ask questions that you have been too afraid to ask and have people answer them for you, with no judgements made. You can submit
your questions in a U2U to me and questions will be picked to be answered on air for the Out of the Box show. Your
username will not be mentioned, just your question the answer.

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