Do Genetic Engineers Believe In Intelligent Design (Creationism) Or Evolution Or BOTH?

Do genetic engineers believe in intelligent design or evolution

Imagine, for the sake of this topic, our civilization in say… 1000 years from now… we find ourselves in a world without war and immense
technological knowledge, vast understandings of physics, biological chemistry and genetics… also TIME MODULATION (important for a specific point)

In this world… Genetic Artists can use computers to design lifeforms, modelling shape and size, from hair and feather coloration to skeletal motor
function, to metabolic functionality.. and at any time, the computer uses nanobots to actually build the DNA of the creature, atom by atom, then
insert the DNA into an ovum and produce a gestating zygote which can be grown ultra fast in it’s early stages so during the life form’s research and
development phase, it can be virtually instantly, viewed and tested and displayed in it’s intended ecosystem in a laboratory environment, before
being introduced into the “field” or “planetary lab” where different aspects of it’s coding can be tested as to how it fares in interacting with
the environment and other lifeforms, including microscopic fauna.

Now say there is so much productivity in this industry, so much excitement and economic activity surrounding it, and so much intuitively designed
processes, that theses genetic artists are only limited by their own imagination as to what they can create…. people ordering exotic alien custom
pets, certain artists becoming famous for their stylized creations…

…That there develops a new sort of competition in this industry, a competition that naturally forms in any industry.
Rival companies vie for consumer brand loyalty because of product QUALITY and PERFORMANCE.

Now, if you create a product that breaks, and your competitor creates one that lasts, then you will have customers writing reviews and informing one
another as to which is the best deal, and eventually your customers will jump ship.

Say for instance there is a condensed version of this competition in an actual reality TV contest, for all to see…

Company “A” and Company “B” put forth their best Genetic Artists on task to create a specific life form that lives in a certain environment, a
“planetary laboratory”. The contest includes challenges such as unexpected environmental changes, introduced predators, diseases, etc that will
test the life form’s resilience.

For the sake of the concept I’m expressing here… The technology involved to modulate time, fast forward and rewind time in a specific sector of
space relative to the rest of space is used in order for the humans to leave the planet, then send the lab planet millions of years into the future
while the organisms ‘do their thing’ and can be viewed at a distant date to see what has transpired after all that time.

the end result is that Company “B” WINS…

why?.. Because they had introduced a specific area of DNA code that ascribed for a type of “Dynamic Adaptation” where the genetic coding of the
organism would be able to actually incite it’s own mutation in order to change and adapt to any environmental change that presented itself.
Company “A” had no such code, so the first threat to the life form wiped it’s species out.
Company “A” was sure to learn from Company “B” and apply Dynamic Adaptation code into all new Genetic Projects.

Another side note about the lab planet a million years in the future is that humans popped up and saw this Dynamic Adaptation in action and called it

moral of the story… your “CREATION” is going to cease existing if you do not implement a method of “EVOLUTION” into the cards.

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