Discovery Of Underground Bosnian Pyramid Tunnels

It’s notable that the Bosnian Pyramid organization in recent years have been concentrating almost exclusively on opening up the tunnels beneath the
hills and with good reason, they are genuinely mysterious. This video from May this year i found fascinating as it explores newly opened up sections
of the tunnels, including sections now partially flooded sealed in ancient times, a good watch;

The tunnel complexes are vast and intricate and strangely at some point all the side entrances were sealed off by dry stone walling and fill material,
there is the suggestion of some dating evidence that this was happening around 4,600 years ago according to the project leader Semir Osmanagić.

Because of everything that has surrounded this project it is going to be ignored by mainstream archaeology but i think that’s unfortunate, he has in
the past been accused of actually making the tunnels whereas he has claimed he is opening them up, and the evidence does suggest they were sealed and
filled all along their length, so i think such accusations unfair.

The tunnels are created within compacted river conglomerate, the same material which was claimed as used as concrete on the Bosnian Pyramid, Semir
Osmanagić suggests the material excavated from the tunnel construction was used for this, certainly it must all have ended up somewhere, but the
purpose of the tunnels seems difficult to establish the only thing that could be extracted is river conglomerate material, stones, the mystery is
furthur compounded by the discovery of megaliths within the tunnels, though those could have been within the ancient river bed itself.

The alternative theory for the tunnels in conjunction with the suggested pyramid above currently involves the generation of an energy beam the affects
of which can allegedly be measured;

The creation, purpose and sealing of the tunnels does require an answer, there may be a simple one but the evidence first needs to be properly
considered, in some sense the half sealed chambers off the main passages resemble burial chambers, though no remains have been found and that is
invalid if they extended furthur in length before closure, given some of the stone artifacts found and signs on monoliths there is some suggestion
this could be related to Vinca culture, but more evidence is needed.

Anyway i’d like to discuss here what these tunnels could have been for and put aside the is it or is it not a pyramid question, the general
shape of the natural hill could itself have marked the place as a sacred site.

Ravne Tunnels

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