Did the ISS encounter two UFOs on close collision ?

This is something that boggles my mind a bit, on the sixteenth of July the ISS crew suddenly got the sign to evacuate the ISS as they headed to the
Soyuz capsule to wait for orders to leave the ISS it sems some kind of old Russian debris headed straight on the path of the ISS .

Station Crew Takes Precautions for
Close Pass of Space Debris

The crew of the International Space Station has moved into the Soyuz vehicle docked to the station as a precaution due to an anticipated close
approach of a piece of space debris to the orbiting complex. The debris is expected to pass closest to the station at about 7:01 a.m. CDT July 16,
2015. The crew will remain in the Soyuz until given an all clear by Mission Control. All station systems are currently operating normally

Some of the replies stated :

4 thoughts on “Station Crew Takes Precautions for Close Pass of Space Debris”
Ivan July 16, 2015 at 8:01 am Do we know what kind of debris are we dealing with? What’s its norad designator?
Reply ↓ Mark July 16, 2015 at 12:12 pm
It was a fragment of an old Russian weather observation satellite.

Now we know that evacuation plans are sometimes necessary , but in this case I have some strange doubts if it’s not something else . It seems that ISS
was following the debris on camera on that day . and there are some videos showing maybe the debris in question ?
I’m not sure because I couldn’t find the original footage from NASA

The thing is that most of us knows the guy streetcap1 who I think sits 24/7 observing the ISS camera tracking earth view ..
Now on the 15th he uploads this video of two lights cruising at high speed and on the 16th the other UFO daily sightings drops the othe video online
both one day appart? or did the streetcap event happened on the real evacuation and did UFO daily sightings dropped this video one day later ?

Why track something beneath your station if it’s heading at you?

I don’t seem to figure this one out does this ISS evacuation has anything to do with the two objects in question ? Also look at speeds of these
objects ..

I need your brilliant minds on this ATS what are we looking at on this?


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