Derailing ATS

In this this post the user ‘mysterioustranger’ wrote something that
somehow rang a bell here:

originally posted by: mysterioustranger
a reply to: ForteanOrg
Unfortunately, one thing I’ve noticed is that lately even new threads that are non-political seem to be routinely dragged there by the trolls until
the thread is unreadable and so off-topic that people don’t post there on the original subject any longer. A good portion of those threads just die
and fade into obscurity. I guess that was the intent of the trolling after all. That effect alone will dissuade some people from even posting to start

I have seen a number of somewhat strange events happening over here that all seem to point towards an intentional effort to derail ATS.

It all started – for me at least – when we changed to the new site identity. Somehow the new identity distracted from the news, it was ugly (sorry
folks, that’s my opinion) and the site wasn’t half as informative (to me) as it was. Oh, well, after a while you get accustomed to it, I guess. I

A while later the management of these virtual premises started to demand that we all would switch our ad blockers off. Protesters were hushed, or
banned, or punished by disallowing them to upload pictures. This is of course not the way any intelligent person wants to be dealt with – and ATS is
(was?) mostly frequented by folks that have a brain and like to use it. Simply demanding something because it makes you money does not work. Well,
some left, some were banned, some simply wrote a few browserside scripts to get rid of the junk that others less fortunate have to suffer from. Hush.
Bygones, water under bridges, on with the show.

Then we saw the death of quite a few board members. Even today, our ATS logo is still disgraced by an ugly black stripe – meant to serve in honour of
the dead, I know, but it strikes me as rather odd that we’re mourning still. Yes, people die, yes, we remember them, but not for months and months in
a row.

Than we had that strange episode that resulted in the leave of Honourable Isaac Koi. I was flabbergasted: one of our most appreciated members simply
disappeared – was threatened and felt that his life was in danger. Really? For posting information on ATS?

Then the trolls entered. They post at least 10 OP’s each day about topics that have NOTHING to do with what ATS is all about, not even denying
ignorance. Actually, I’ve never seen ignorance being demonstrated in such an unbelievable way, mods can’t even keep up it seems. As
‘mysterioustranger’ points out: it’s even worse. If you try to write a decent, non-political post, the trolls immediately come around to pull it
down. And there seem to be “member” with A LOT of time on their hands, as if they have business here. Perhaps they have?

Sure enough, it are mad times when it comes to American politics. But the vile tone and constant trolling by a number of posters here does indeed
raise the question: are they here to “discuss” politics – or are they here to shut down ATS?

So, it’s just circumstantial evidence. But what do you say, fellow ATS-ers – are we being rigged by TPTB to shut us down? Have we (perhaps Isaac Koi)
struck a nerve, discovered something that we should not have – and perhaps, the best way to disgrace us was to hire a few guys to trump.. er.. trample
on our threads?

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