Defense Contractors Espionage, Sex Crimes, Links to Conspiracies…

This article is interesting on its own, but there are a couple things that stood out to me.
There are pieces of several conspiracies I’ve been introduced to here. I’ll highlight some points, and hopefully some members knowledgeable in these
areas can help the discussion.

In 2012 Christopher Glenn, a civilian working as systems administrator at a U.S. Military base in Honduras, hacked the commander’s email.
The contents: Key Issues papers on Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain, as well as “Strategic Seminars” of anticipated threats and responses.
Prosecutors believe he allowed two foreign nationals to remotely access the files.

He is also accused of some bizarre crimes against children in Honduras.
Honduran prosecutor on the case. “We’d gone up against pederasts who abused children, but not in such a peculiar way”

My points of interest:
Has Florida license in his name, employed at least 3 aliases, obtained fraudulent drivers licenses in TX and Cali under aliases

Holds 11 bank accts from Australia to UAE containing 800K, extensive travel, spent very little time in the USA

Parents divorced when he was 12. Moved with father to California.
Did IT work for Blackwater. Got married to an Iraqi college student(now Ex) her comments are interesting.
” he alters his personality to whatever you want to see or hear”
Maintained alter egos. Flew into violent rages without warning. Was very creepy around her young sisters.

In 2007 Glenn married another Iraqi in Australia. They moved to Camp Bucca, Iraq. Site of notorious military prison now viewed as some as the
birthplace of ISIS. Worked for Al Barth an Iraqi contracting firm.
By 2008 Glenn was facing scrutiny from the army. They concluded Glenn aided in part by his wife, devised a scheme to make fake badges and access
cards. Army did not refer the case to the Dept. of Justice?

It’s unclear how he got hired in Honduras given his blemished record in Iraq, ( subcontracted by Harris Company?) but when Glenn stared in 2012 he was
given Secret Security Clearance.

As for the sex crimes, I won’t fully detail, but he drugged and sexually enslaved young girls from the villages, forcibly made them his “wives” in
video recorded ceremonies.
Could he be part of the California mind control experiments some claim the aurora shooter and the serial killer shot by prostitute were? I thought it
was strange he moved with the father after parents divorce.

How did he get the job at Honduras base with his prior record? How can such sensitive documents be hacked by what the Feds call an “average

Subcontracted by Harris corporation. Maker of Stingray cell site simulator


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