Death has surrounded … It does lurk and has taken 3 people near me… One last month.. One on July 20 and one July 28…

I’ve got a few poems.. I will separate them tho..
Death has a sting that only lasts
Circling around a memory past
Death swoops in and takes a soul
Floods unravel.. if truth be told
Death is dark and grabs you quick
Sorrow filled eyes continue to stick
Death checks to see if you’re okay
Then grabs you up with no delay
Death pulls your heart strings with delight
Squishing them gently but very tight
Death is amongst us and walks with ease
Just let go and please release me

Here’s just another…

Streams of rain falling down my face
Keep my mouth shut .. Take my place
Something inside wants to snap
Is that the right way to react ?
My heart fell out again and again
Is there anywhere I can begin?
I’m not sure there is at all
I stumble and crumble as I fall
Someone hold me and say it’s okay
petty thoughts strictly at bay
Blurred vision is all I see
I’ll return the mask upon thee

-nat the blue eyed cat-

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