Dear committee analysis of Earth now complete

Dear committee it is with great sadness that I now make my lodgement of analysis. As you know I was placed 36 years on this planet to make
observations and report my findings to the committee, I choose this method fitting and I am only late due to an extra effort on my part to make sure
the situation is as described.

Recommendation, procedure to reset the planet is to commence immediately without delay!
The planet contains many unique species and an effort to fully preserve these must be made before initiation proceeds.
Genetic screening for the secondary and tertiary races is to commence with evacuation to a new bio dome recommended. Secondary and tertiary races have
shown compatibility and there is every reason to believe they can evolve and coexist peacefully.

Observation the primary race of the planet is not tens of thousands but perhaps hundreds of thousands of years away from the most elementary
technological developments. Introduction of the secondary and tertiary races has been a mistake. Even under their influence the primary race cannot
advance. The experiment to accelerate evolution has proved a failure.

Primary race is to be reseeded to the planet as its sole humanoid inhabitants once it has been reset.

If the committee decides the experiment is worth continuing, though I personally recommend that it is brought to a closure the following is to be
considered. The tertiary race has began technological advancement to a great extent and if they continue using their current power structure they will
destroy the planet. After careful analysis it has been decided water fusion technology will suffice the planet’s energy needs. In terms of propulsion
momentum variance is recommended, the use of the fifth force is absolutely not to be permitted for either energy or propulsion in the current

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