Dead Man Suspected of Beating Women Pledges to Blog from Beyond the Grave

A man who police believe may have attacked multiple victims as part of a dark obsession with Asian women was found dead of apparent suicide this week.
But if some eerie posts that were published online last week are true, his blog may live on for another decade.

On Monday, police discovered the body of Tyrelle Shaw, who had apparently hung himself in an elevator shaft in a building on the Upper East Side of
Manhattan. Police had been looking for Shaw as a potential suspect in a series of attacks against four Asian women around the city, according to the
New York Times.

In the days before (and possibly after) he died, the 25-year-old bowtie designer described his intent to kill himself on his WordPress blog, where he
had regularly written for more than five years, along with chilling writings about his anger toward women.

And if one of the most recent posts is true, he has enough writing queued up to continue publishing posthumously for the next decade.


I’ve never heard of anything like this. I’m stunned!

Apparently his blog started out friendly enough-


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