Dark Knight Rises shooting: families of deceased to speak

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Making things up like what? Which part is made up? Do you have proof to back up your claims?

The conspiracies connected to holmes run deeper than Photo comparisons and “who is James Holmes’s Father” ect.

Why is the case closed to the public? he’s been caught hasn’t he? It’s not in the publics interest to find out why a guy flipped, maybe prevent it
happening again.

Like I said its full of conspiracies, I’m on neither side but the more you read about the case the fishier it gets.

The only mass shooters that do not kill themselves at the end are generally motivated (almost always politically motivated) the rest suicide or
suicide by cop. So why rig the apartment (like nothing the FBI had seen before btw) then tell the police on arrest? Could be regret.. No proof either
way though.


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