Crop Circles = Physical Acoustics?

Before reading this, just remember I am not saying this is true, I am simply giving a possibility that is very far out their. Thank you

We know crop circles area subject of much debate, are they man made, do aliens lay them to try and signal warning signs to us. Why are they here, how
did they get here. Well here is a controversial subject I am laying down right here. Well I believe the cause of these are the results of Physical
acoustics being used in a pattern that depicts there messages. We always hear stories of farmers hearing weird noises the night of it happening. So
why cant these weird noises be the reason of the crop circles?

First of all, What are physical acoustics?

In Short: Physical acoustics are sound waves that effect physical objects.

Please read this other thread that involves Acoustic Archaeology before reading what more I have to say.…

So after reading this thread and seeing how acoustics can make objects hover, pick up objects, and even destroy objects with the right resonance
frequency. Don’t you think it is possible for an extra terrestrial being just using Physical acoustics on a crop field to draw patterns? This is a
very understudied topic that should hold very valuable insight and possibly bring new technology to all areas of the world. Tell me what you think.

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