Creepers in the corner (as seen by pets and people)

I’m trying to gather some data on unseen things that typically manifest in the corners of people’s houses. Usually it’s the top corner. I’ve
experienced this myself upon waking on occasion (hypnopompic state?), and have been noticing several accounts of similar nasty things that seem to
appear exclusively in corners.

What I’m looking for in particular is accounts from people who have experienced this, and specifically what direction the corner was facting (north
east, south west, ect). Would love to hear from schizophrenics too.

I don’t expect lots of personal accounts from people, but I do expect to hear from many people concerning things that their pets seem to be able to
see. I hear of this quite often, and hadn’t previously considered pets when researching this. Do your pets seem to see things that are invisible to
you, especially in corners? If so, what direction is that corner facing?

I experienced this at a time when I was meditating regularly before bed, and would often wake up to shadow people. But sometime I would wake up and
sense something so evil and malevolent in the top south west corner of my room that it left me cowering under my blankets. I couldn’t see anything,
but there was no denying there was something there.

Besides the in between stages of sleep, these things are also seen in a feverish state, like the following account:…

Sorry, I have no info or opinions on what these things are. The only possible theory I have is that the converging lines of corners create a good
focal point for attention to gather, allowing these things to manifest easier. But that’s only speculation on my part.

So, do you or your pets see creepers in the corner? Is it always the same corners? If so, what direction are they facing?

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