crazy Lightning storm in Atlanta…

Ok…so I’m not really a paranormal believer. My wife is what I would call an intuit.

Backstory: we have been building a house since January of this year and 3 weeks ago finally moved in. Still have some finish work to do though.

Anywho….fast forward…my wife and youngest daughter have heard things in the house and I personally have had what I think of as a waking dream of a
young girl spirit in the house….yes….i actually saw something I could not explain.

Fast forward to tonight: there is a wicked upper atmosphere Lightning storm…same thing happened on the nights we had these odd things happen…my
wife is saying to watch her to make sure nothing takes her at night….yeah, odd. Now I don’t think much of it. I had my experience a couple weeks
ago and really don’t know what to make of it.

Side note: our new house backs up to Arlington Cemetery in Sandy Springs….

So…anyone have any thoughts?

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