Corn or Marijuana???? Pollen Drift…..

Ok, so the reasoning behind this thread is another thread………

I have to give credit where it is due.

So on to my oddball theory……the states listed in that thread are Colorado, Ohio and Illinois. Now I know these three states are not the top
producers of either corn or marijuana, but I do know that they are close in both.

So all this sickness that seems to be hitting multiple areas got me wondering how it could possibly travel this fast and have so many different viral
entities out there that symptoms everywhere are unlike ones we have seen before.

Now, I am sure the government has done things in the past that we all love to theorize about. But what if this is half government born and half
nature born. What if GMO built something that has caused a reaction in nature to fight back?

So this brought me to crops and seeing what is the most produced that has the ability to pollenate…well….I will show you what produces the most
pollen of all.

Corn pollen is particularly prone to pollen drift. Corn plants release their pollen for around a week, and an entire field may take up to two
weeks to completely release its pollen; pollen release usually shows a spike two to three days after half the plants have released their pollen. Each
individual plant can produce 4 to 5 million individual pollen grains. Its pollen is among the largest particles that can be found in the air, and is
spherical in its shape. It can drift up to half a mile and remain viable for several days in optimal conditions. These factors all create a
considerable possibility for one corn field to cross-pollinate another, even if just a small percentage of the pollen shed by a given field drifts
into a different field.[1]


Corn producers can reduce the chance of cross-contamination via pollen drift by separating fields by at least 150 feet (46 m); however, many
identity preserved corn programs require that non-GMO fields be separated from GMO corn by a distance of at least 660 feet (200 m).[2] They may also
utilize a technique called ‘flooding’ by surrounding their fields with a border of non-GMO corn, the theory being that these ‘border rows’ of corn
will dilute any outside pollen, thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Producers can also alternate planting dates to prevent crops from
releasing their pollen at similar times.

Now corn can drift, from what I have read, up to 200M. Marijuana pollen drift has been reported to have been studied in Europe with drift ties to

As a result of aerobiological samples taken on the Costa del Sol (S. Spain), Cannabis sativa L. (marihuana) pollen was detected from May to September
1991–1996, always sporadically and usually during the afternoons. Sampling was by two volumetric spore traps set up in Malaga and Estepona, two
coastal towns approximately 90 km apart. A study of the days when this pollen was recorded points to the movement of air masses from North Africa to
southern Spain. Furthermore, the isentropic air trajectories calculated for these days reinforce the possibility of the pollen originating in
marihuana plantations in northern Morocco (Rif). This study demonstrates the application of aerobiology to the control of the source, quantity and
phenology of the crop.


So the conspiracy I pose is this….what if nature is fighting back? What if the GMO crops are pollen drifting into the natural crops and the natural
crops are fighting back? What if the crops are allowing these viruses, or creating them, to fight back? They are able to cross countries with pollen
drift, so why not allow a virus or bacteria to catch a ride? Is this why, or a possible cause, to the reason for so many odd sicknesses being
reported in the world?

Oh….and the town in the thread I linked to at the top is Quincy, IL…..nice corn production there….

Anywho…just an odd theory that popped into my head on this subject.

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