Contracting Measles and passing it to others after the vaccine. A new case of interest.

In this case we have a little girl in Ontario that came down with symptoms of Measles. Shock, horror. In 1960 there were an estimated 3.5 million
cases and 1:100000 died. But I digress. The point is, how did she get it? According to the MMR meme, it’s impossible to contract and be contagious
after the vaccination. There are those unexplained cases though –so-called atypical measles. In this case the child never traveled outside North
America. Odd. So when they swab her to see what virus they actually has, lo and behold, it’s the strain that is in the vaccine. This is where the
group think goes into hyper drive. Instead of following the evidence, they declare it as one of life’s unsolvable mysteries, book closed.

This is medical group think. It is threat to the ideal of science and a threat to your health. The technocrats want you to stop thinking so much.
Please. Leave the heavy lifting to them.

The problem of groupthink by technocrats is inevitable really. They need you to capitulate critical thought first and foremost to cement their
decision making authority. It’s not personal, it’s systematic. They will attempt to shame and humiliate you for trying to think on your own. Yet, you
are and always will be the number one advocate for your health. It’s wrong on multiple levels.

As some of you know, I don’t trust pharma profit machines. I don’t hate profit itself, I just don’t like the outcomes they offer most of the time
because they universally include severe trade-offs. The marketing apparatus and technocrat cohort is designed to prevent you the consumer from getting
accurate information about those trade-offs and about the big picture of your health.

In this case, at least they did the viral analysis (missing from most outbreaks in the US) but when they found something that doesn’t play by the
rules of the meme, they immediately self censor. This isn’t science.

If you are going to worship technocrats, stay sharp –they lie.

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