Cold fusion triggered by sunspots?

I was listening to last night’s C2C podcast and the guest was a guy named Bill “Doc” Harrington. I don’t have a transcript of the interview, so
I’m just summarizing here.

So he starts talking about cold fusion and the whole pons fleischmann incident in 1989, but he also references another cold fusion incident that
occurred in 1985 in some university lab that ended up burning a hole in the floor. Anyway, he goes on to say that cold fusion can only be triggered
by high sunspot periods. He called it the “secret of cold fusion” that “Fleischmann was going to take to his grave”. He said no one in the cold
fusion business wants to talk about this or admit this.

I had never heard this theory before, and I also couldn’t find much online about it. What I thought was interesting was that it might explain why
cold fusion seems to only work sporadically, for example with with pons fleischmann. The story I know is that they were never able to duplicate their
results, nor were any other scientists. A lot of people thought they were con artists or just jumped the gun too soon, but what if they had done
their experiment when a sunspot hit?

He didn’t have enough time in the interview to really explain why this would happen, the science behind it. i know. Anyway, just wanted to share
what I heard.

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