CIA Manufacture Synthetic Drugs

It was years ago that I came across several references to this. The information was very deeply buried. I haven’t got time to attempt to find links.
This is just theory.

The overall picture suggests the CIA manufacture synthetic coc aine, allegedly at $5 per kilo, and sell it worldwide. This is why coc aine
users are aware of the big difference between the ‘best’ coc aine and the standard variety. Not just down to adulteration, a different substance

The synthetic variety does more harm to the body, has less of an uplifting affect and is more addictive. Testing methods commonly used can’t
distinguish the difference.

The manufacturing process is extremely expensive to set up and would not be viable for any criminal enterprise that might expect to get busted. Hence
it is only the likes of the CIA who can get away with running the factories. Secret funding was used to pay for the initial production lines. (No pun

…much of the stolen gold, silver, gems, antiquities etc was secretly taken by U.S. government insiders, particularly the Office of Strategic
Services (OSS)/Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and various generals in the military. This is where the secret agency got its first big
financing—under the table of course. This secret dealing was itself one of the greatest crimes of the 20th century. – See more at:…

Raw materials are cheap, the eventual profit is astronomical.

I can’t see how production of the genuine article could have kept up with the worldwide increase in coc aine use. To my mind only synthetic
production can account for this. Perhaps someone can produce facts and figures showing how production kept up with consumption.

Advertising the product took the form of presenting us with glamorous role models who are later revealed as coc aine users. From what I’ve
experienced with long term users it rots the brain and isn’t glamorous in any way. Those who defend it’s use probably haven’t seen the damage
surrounding people with forty years history of coc aine dependence.

Don’t take this too seriously, this is the Skunk Works forum.

Please rip this theory apart with facts, figure and logic.

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