Celeb Scoop: Will Smith Teams Up With Kanye West and Jay-Z

Will Smith, Kanye, Jay-Z. They’ve teamed up to merge Scientology and the Illuminati to successfully control the entire entertainment world make a Watch the Throne documentary—produced by Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment—that will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. A portion of the film leaked onto the Internets a little more than a week ago. Jay-Z and Overbrook had previously announced plans for an Annie reboot starring Smith’s daughter Willow of “Whip My Hair” fame. [NY Daily News]

Kristen Stewart Dropped from Snow White. The Snow White and the Huntsmen sequel that no one asked for will no longer star Kristen Stewart. That’s probably got something to do with her affair with the director. Oh, and the writer bailed. [Hollywood Reporter]

Howard’s Fiancée on TLC. Ryan Howard’s fiancée, Krystle Campbell, will be featured on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress on Friday. [Philly Gossip]

Teen Mom vs. Snooki. A Twitter feud between Teen Mom‘s Jenelle and Jersey Shore‘s Snooki is proof that the Internet is a government-commissioned weapon meant to distract all humankind while someone takes over the world. [E]

Lochte on 90210. Olympic champion Ryan Lochte has landed himself a cameo on 90210. Pay attention, Daniel Day Lewis, Lochte is about to show you how it’s done. [People]

Middleton’s Cousin in Playboy. Everybody’s all, “scandaloooouuus,” because Kate Middleton’s cousin is on the cover of the September issue of Playboy. [ABC News]


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