CAUTION: HEMP Protein CAN Be Harmful

Hello – I decided to post this information because I found it something that people really need to be aware of. This info does not seem to be so
readily available when researching HEMP nutrition products, and is not on the product labels, either. This may be because they have not bothered to
do studies on it yet.

I was personally really alarmed as I had done some research and thought HEMP products to be safe and healthy for me to use. The problem is, I have a
long history of autoimmune disease, such that it destroyed my kidneys. I barely survived 8 years on dialysis before I got my transplant, my body, my
heart, everything was shot by then and I was barely functioning. I also had two rejections with my new kidney at first, so I’m lucky it made it –
(although rejection does cause some tissue damage to the organ).

It was very difficult for me to get a kidney and if I lose this one, I probably won’t survive long enough to get another, unless a new donor came
through. I try to be very careful to avoid anything that can mess up my immunosuppression and risk another rejection. I also have recurring
shingles from being on the immunosuppressive medications for a transplant.

Someone in a FaceBook group just posted about how wonderful HEMP is for boosting the immune system. Of course I also sing the praises of it’s
nutritional benefits, but that sent up a HUGE red flag for me. So I dove deeper, searching for the down side of HEMP, and came across this
information I am sharing below. What’s concerning, is that doctors will not share this information with their patients who have dangerous autoimmune
conditions, transplants, chronic shingles, because they often don’t even know themselves. I cannot tell you how many “healthy” substances and
products I used over the years because the doctors just didn’t bring it up, and the information just was not that easy to get. You have to find
specific reference guides such as the Physicians Desk Reference for Herbals and Supplements, etc. Those are not readily available and newer products
are not always included in them.

It is sad that there are very little as warnings go out there in the media, online, on the labeling, from the medical professionals – you try to do
what is “good” for you and it can actually kill you. I also found this out the hard way when I was using alfalfa tablets for a long time, not knowing
I had severe lupus. It made my disease inflammation terrible and pushed my kidneys downhill fast, same thing with using echinacea, a popular herb.

I think warnings should also be given to older folks about consuming HEMP, as it is they who are more prone to get shingles. They should be warned to
avoid or reduce their use of products such as this, and others high in arginine, such as nuts, chocolate – all can cause frequent outbreaks of herpes
viruses, which include shingles.

So, if you know someone who has these types of disorders, warn them to stay away from HEMP.

Another example of not getting info from medical professionals about nutrition that can harm you:

I almost had a heart attack when on dialysis, because the nutritionist who is supposed to help us know what to avoid in our diets so our potassium
levels don’t go to lethal levels (happens when you have no/poor kidney function) – didn’t warn us about sunflower seeds, wasn’t even on the dietary
“don’t eat” list of high potassium, dangerous foods. My potassium had been skyrocketing, my heart was going crazy and it was scary. I was sitting
there munching on sunflower seeds every day, totally unaware. Thank God I figured it out for myself, they had such high levels that they were worse
per ounce than anything on the “avoid” list. I informed the nutritionist, but I doubt the lists have changed.

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Snippets from the article: Victims of autoimmune conditions may find hempseed products are too stimulating on the immune system. There has been no
research yet on hempseed products and autoimmune conditions, however it is known that the combination of essential fatty acids and amino acids in
hempseed increases white blood cells in animals and humans. Readers suffering from autoimmune conditions or who are taking immuno-supressive drugs
should use hempseed protein with caution.

High levels of arginine in the diet facilitates herpes infections, as this amino acid is required by the virus to replicate viral proteins. People
with recurring, chronic or acute herpes infections should refrain from consuming hempseed products daily.

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