Cattle mutalations and the theories behind them! Whats your thought on this?

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but the whole animal is never taken.

That right there is open to debate

How do we know for sure that the whole animal is not taken. We have nothing to use as evidence if the entire animal is gone as there is nothing to
examine, unless that moment is caught on video.

Even if the animal is taken, it may be brought back with its bits missing. So, were they taken away and operated on, or were they operated on ‘on the

Capturing the evidence of how this all happens is the priority, i think. Without the when and how, we may never answer why this is happening.

This, and related topics, is something I have had an interest in for a long time.
It sometimes feels as though it is on a par with all the people that go missing each day around the world. Where do they go? Do they just think, “ah
well, I’m off..had enough” and then wander out into the unknown with none of their worldly goods or are they ‘taken’..
But why do we never hear or see reports of Human mutilations, or elephants for that matter..

Why the cows?

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