Cancer-Causing Chemical Benzene Being Dumped Into Californias Aquifers

So, water level is near dry, but the same amount of toxic chemicals are being pumped in. Insane. Never assume your water is safe to drink. Always
purify it by any means.

VICE NEWS writes:

California faces its worst drought in 1,200 years and the oil industry may be contaminating the state’s precious aquifers, which consumers
are increasingly relying upon as rivers, streams, and reservoirs reach record lows.
Oil companies have been pumping waste-water into groundwater sources designed for human consumption, a dangerous practice that the state must
immediately halt, environmental groups argue in a new lawsuit.
“We’re suing the state because it’s letting oil companies dump toxic waste fluid into protected underground water sources,” Patrick Sullivan,
climate media director for the Center for Biological Diversity, a party to the suit, told VICE News. “If we don’t protect these water sources,
we’re going to regret it.”

The oil companies are pumping some of the estimated 130 billion gallons of fluid waste they produce annually in California into aquifers that
are protected under the federal Safe Water Drinking Act, Sullivan said. The oil refining process produces about 10 times as much water as oil, leaving
companies with a constant struggle over where to inject their waste fluids.

The fluid, a byproduct of fracking and other oil extraction methods, often has high levels of the cancer-causing chemical benzene, research has

“We don’t know what the health impacts are now but we do know this water has oil in it,” Sullivan said, explaining that there was inadequate
research at this point on the effects of the liquid.


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