BREAKING NEWS STORY military coupe crossing borders with tanks 300% increase in coverage WWIII!!! pl

And it all started at 9:45 PM Eastern Time with a bang that was heard from the border of Canada to the neighboring villages of Portland.


…Pro Canadian Separatist tanks rolled over a newly buit subdivision today outside of Portland as fleeing neighbors left behind the elderly
and pets as a barrage of chemical acid shells rained down, not only dissolving but contaminating the very earth that they touch. So far fighting has
increased over the last hour and the 14th Air Brigade has a fleet of M35s with laser guided mini nuke payloads on the way.
Thirty minutes ago witnesses including myself and my camera team watched a Channel 9 news anchor turn into a pile of toxic ooze…

Still breaking as I drive my family through a rugged off road route to try to get to Montreal.

There’s soldiers blocking every highway and they’re blowing up gas stations and just shooting into cars that won’t slow down. Pretty crazy. Think I
saw a UFO too. Or something, I don’t know. weird.

I see now that also something big is happening in New Mexico, bright lights shooting out of the sides of the mountains and the desert floor as if
doors are opening. This #### is #### ed up! Is this for real?

Biff Johnson Forest Reserve, 120 miles north of Albuquerque has been sequestered off and shut off from public access after what appears to be intense
glowing lights protruding by gaping holes that are forming across the park land.


Sheriff Deputy Randal Pickett of Biff Johnson Township is all thats left after a 2 mile wide hole of glowing intense white light opened up and
enveloped his entire town and everyone he knew in a matter of seconds. At a little past 6 pm a large swooshing sound was heard miles away at a
neighboring bat mitzvah on a ranch outside of Biff Johnson Township. When no one picked up from the neighboring town, ranchers from the bat mitzvah
party went to investigate, only to find Sheriff Deputy Pickett clutching for his life to a protruding sewage pipe extending over the edge of an
enormous void of light. “I’ve no idea what this is” Pickett, out of breath and streaked with blood and raw sewage said almost sobbing as ranchers
hoisted him out of the void using a make shift rope made out of tied together handkerchiefs…

And now, as we make it up a steep ravine to try to escape the military onslaught, my wife pulls up a breaking news story from Alaska stating that
hunters have shot and killed a bigfoot. The images are pretty disturbing, trying to get the link to work. What a crazy night so far, I hear half of
the US is getting hit by blackouts. Could be related to the energy bubbles down south or the assault on the border. Doubt its related to the bigfoot
story. could be, but I doubt it.

UPDATE looks like suspicious observbator has picked this up on his channel and, looks like drudge has got it too.

Wy no MSM coverage of these breaking events?

How is this all happening at once while I’m driving off a cliff of insanity?

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