Brazil confirms second case of atypical mad cow disease

Remember Mad Cow Disease? It’s a prion disease. Prions are proteins, not even as alive as viruses. In fact, they may not even really be alive. But
what they do is cause your proteins fold improperly both disrupting your own biochemical processes and creating more copies of themselves,
accelerating the disruptions to the system. Mad Cow targets proteins in the brain tissue. It used to be that they thought you had to eat contaminated
tissue to get it.

But, it always begged the question of how it started in the first place, and now we see it starting to apparently
spontaneously erupt in
cows in Brazil.

The agriculture ministry said late Friday that a lab in Weybridge, England approved by the World Animal Health Organization confirmed it was a
spontaneous case of atypical bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or mad cow disease, with no link to contaminated feed.

The 12-year-old cow found dead in March in a slaughterhouse in Mato Grosso state was born and never left the same farm where cattle are fed by pasture
grazing and mineral salts, and not feed, according to a ministry statement.

Maybe this is evidence that you can get prion disease from plants. I believe soficrow created a post on here about prions being detected in plants. I
wonder what process allows the malformed proteins to pass from gut to brain? Usually, the brain is pretty well walled off from most everything unless
prions are just different.

This is the second animal to have been confirmed to have died of Spontaneous Mad Cow in Brazil. It leaves you to wonder how many they’ve missed all
around the world.

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