Booby traps in the National Forest


From News 7 Denver

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. – Officials with the Pike National Forest are confirming that a dangerous, improvised-spike strip was found on a trail in the
Rampart Range area.

“The wire spikes were buried in the trail bed so that wheeled vehicles would be damaged and unsuspecting hikers could be injured,” according to
officials with the Pike National Forest.

“The booby trap caused 5 flats on 3 bikes and the riders getting out after dark,” the posting said. “One rider suffered an ankle injury in a fall due
to a flat front tire.”

The news was first spread threw the Adventures Rider Group Message board.

Bobby traps in the forest are nothing new. Something that’s been going on for as long as I’ve been alive.
Yeah some of these are set up by drug growers trying to keep people away from their crops,
but just as often you see bad people setting up traps just because they think it’ll be cool or funny to see someone get hurt!

Home made spike strips are bad enough but we’ve seen worse!

Not all that long ago we had someone go around setting up piano wire or fishing line at neck height along riding trails. Damn fool could have taken
someone’s head clean off!

Then there was this guy.

Luckily he was caught and convicted… Why’d he do it?
Just for the grins and giggles.

Over in Utah a couple years back they found that some unknown person had set up homemade shotgun shell landmines along a hiking trail. thankfully a
heavy rain had washed them out of the grown so no one stepped on one.

Look I’m not saying, stay out of the woods… I want you and your families to get outdoors and have fun.
But I also ask you keep your eyes open, pay attention, if it doesn’t look right, it’s probably been tampered with.

Just stay safe k?

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