‘Blue Exorcist Season 2 Kyoto Saga’ Spoilers: Illuminati Plans Revealed; Renzo A Traitor?

“Blue Exorcist” Season 2 is now on the “Kyoto Saga” with its latest episode revealing a heartbreaking betrayal. “Blue Exorcist” Season 2 Episode 10 featured the epic battle between Yukio and Todou where the younger Okumura twin emerged victoriously. However, this victory is rather short-lived as more problems have surfaced for the exorcists.

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In the “Blue Exorcist” Season 2 Kyoto Saga episode that aired last week, Yukio defeated Toduo by outsmarting the enemy. Apparently, Todou is blessed with amazing regenerative capabilities, making him a rather intimidating foe to deal with.

Fortunately, Yukio was able to discover a loophole to this ability during the heat of battle, which lead to his victory. Todou’s strength was used against him by the younger Okumura twin as they tricked him to absorb too much energy in the latest episode of “Blue Exorcist” Season 2.

Despite defeating Todou, the villain was able to flee at the end of the latest “Blue Exorcist” Season 2 episode and even warned Yukio that there will be more heading his way as reported by Anime News Network.

“Blue Exorcist” Season 2 Episode 10 of the Kyoto Saga is expected to feature Rin finally developing control over his satanic blue flames as many fans have hoped for according to Comic Book.

It was revealed in the latest episode of “Blue Exorcist” Season 2 that Todou was actually working for the Illuminati. The Illuminati is apparently led by Lucifer, the strongest demon king. The group is working toward setting the Impure King free in order to awaken every demon on the face of the Gehenna and Assiah.

Todou working for the Illuminati isn’t the worse revelation in the latest episode of “Blue Exorcist” Season 2. Like Rin and Yukio, many fans were utterly surprised to find out that Renzo Shima was a spy for the Illuminati all along.

Moreover,  the biggest reveal that surprised fans in the latest episode of “Blue Exorcist” Season 2 is the reason behind Shima’s treachery. In light of his rank as an Illuminati spy, his goal was to capture Izumo because of her power of the Nine-Tailed Demon. It appears that Izumo’s special abilities are a key to creating the perfect elixir, which is why Shima enrolled in True Cross Academy in the first place.


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