‘Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga’ Spoilers: Todou Helps Out The Illuminati; Another Spy Revealed!


The latest episode of “Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga”, also known as the sequel to “Ao No Exorcist” anime series, has just aired last week. The new episode revealed Yukio defeating Todou and Rin, as he finally draws his sword. The exorcists’ showdown with the Impure King and Todou was just a tip of the iceberg, which leads to another arc connected to the Kyoto Saga arc.

Todou And The Illuminati’s Plans

“Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga” Episode 10 showed Yukio fighting off Todou with the help of the priests. They were only able to defeat Todou when Yukio realized that they can outwit his regenerative abilities, by making Todou absorb too much energy. Though Todou was defeated, he remained uncaptured. Before escaping, he hinted Yukio that there will be more to come.

It turns out, Todou is working for the Illuminati, a group led by the strongest demon king, Lucifer, who is also called the King of Light. The Impure King being set free was just part of the plan to awaken demons all over the world, as they work on an elixir. They are conducting the experiments on human beings and creating invincible zombies in the process. The Illuminati has been lurking around for years, secretly finding a way to revive Satan as well.

Renzo’s Betrayal And Yukio’s Struggles

Todou wasn’t the only one secretly working with the Illuminati. It was later on revealed that Renzo Shima was a spy for the said group. This was brought to light when he helped in the abduction of Izumo Kamiki and admitted to Rin, Bon, Yukio, and to the rest of the gang of his real purpose of getting into True Cross Academy. The Illuminati planted Shima as a spy to get a hold of Izumo because she possessed powers of the Nine-Tailed Demon that can be beneficial to create the perfect elixir.

Meanwhile, Yukio struggles after his encounter with Todou in Kyoto since he realized he might have the powers of Satan embedded in him just like his brother, Rin. His powers may have been dormant but they come out in near-death encounters just like when Todou was about to finish him off. Blue flames would come out of Yukio’s eyes and he has still not figured out what his powers really are. Despite the gravity of the matter, he decided to keep it a secret and find a way himself.

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