Blood stains on GA Guidestones? Possible sacrifice?

So this popped up in my newsfeed. Blood stains on the GA Guidestones….filmed a few days ago from a quadcopter. I find this very interesting
personally being in GA and all.

anywho….the film:

Not really much more to say on this but figured I would put it out there for ATS’ers to check out.

From the posters YouTube page:

In many ancient cultures, these natural events are also celebrated
with animal sacrifice and historically there have even been human sacrifices. For example, the Mayas would rip the hearts out of other human beings on
solar eclipse from the top of a pyramid. The blood would flow from the top of the pyramid which was supposed to appease the gods.

There are lots of rumors about blood sacrifice and similar rituals among secret societies like the Illuminati and Skull and Bones. Apparently these
groups like to sacrifice animals and human beings to gain social and political advantage. The Georgia guide stones monument clearly shows it is
fundamentally based on ancient pagan cultures. You can see writings in Egyptian hieroglyphs and Babylonian cuneiform which have documented cases of
blood sacrifice.

Now could this just be some kind of vandalism? Did somebody just throw a cup of say, chicken blood from the ground? It is kind of impossible to do
that, because these stones are about 20 feet tall. If you throw a cup of blood from the ground, it would splatter all over the stones. If you observe
the pattern closely, this liquid started flowing directly from the top to the pillar on the front left. What’s more interesting, the front left
pillar is where a smaller stone block with an inscription 2014 was inserted. It created a big controversy and later on that block was removed, and you
can see the empty slot here.

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