Bird flu outbreak hits chicken farms in Mexico

story from Reuters
Mon Jul 2, 2012

Bird flu outbreak hits chicken farms in Mexico

It’s the H7N3 strain and it apparently does not affect humans if you eat affected poultry.
(so they tell us !!)

“Officials” also say the virus is not out of control.

(Reuters) – An outbreak of avian flu in western Mexico has killed at least 870,000 poultry birds since its detection last month but poses no
threat to humans, the agriculture ministry said on Monday.

The H7N3 flu was detected in two municipalities in the state of Jalisco, Mexico’s largest chicken farming region, and authorities have been working
quickly to contain the outbreak, a statement from the ministry said.

“There is no risk of infection (in humans) as a result of consuming poultry,” said Jose Munoz from the Jalisco state government. ……..


As a cautionary measure, authorities declared a national animal health emergency on Monday to help prevent the disease’s spread to other parts of
Mexico or farther. The ministry has ordered vaccinations from Asia and is also developing their own drugs domestically to combat the flu.

Can this mutate and affect humans ?

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