There is a huge amount of skepticism regarding Bigfoot which is understandable however the ridicule is sad and stymies any serious scientific effort
to discover more about the creature. There are still a large number of Bigfoot sightings today yet skeptics will say if it existed a) a bodyu
would’ve been discovered by now and b) nothing that large could live in North America without being detected. Now as a rational person it’s hard not
to be swayed by those points. However — call it a ‘gut instinct’ if you will — but I think there must be something to all these sightings that are
reported. Many of which are close-up encounters and the common description of Bigfoot makes me think in most cases these are not hoaxes. They’re
described as being around 8ft tall with a large muscular frame who can move very fast. There’s also the vocalisations they make such as the whooping
noises and the tree knocking.

My question is, if Bigfoot does exist. How has it remained undetected all this time? Could it be secretly protected by the U.S Fish and Wildlife
Service/U.S Government?

My theory is that since it can move very fast, it can avoid human contact and seek out sparsely populated areas. Since they seem to like wooded areas,
being fur covered the forests would provide plenty of camouflage for them. However, skeptics would say that they would’ve been spotted from the air
by now and what about thermal imaging? These are valid points but I think people seriously underestimate the vastness of the wilderness in the U.S and
North America as a whole. I’d recommend people listen to eyewitness testimony here and
make up their own minds.

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