Bigfoot can not exist today I am sorry but science cannot support it.

Please read the post before commenting and please don’t go into hyperbole and conjecture. I am going to try to make this as concisely scientific as I
can. I titled this the way I did because I will not rule out that possibly long ago such a creature did exist. I don’t believe it but I will concede
it is possible however unlikely, because many ancient tales by societies like the Native Americans and China and such have been proven to be based in
fact and wrapped in myth. I would say that just because there are these oral traditions, from peoples that often had other animals as their gods, it
doesn’t make them true. I will say that no complete skeleton has ever been produced of this creature and we do have the bones of Dragons (Dinosaurs).
So that is where I stand on this, I do not believe they ever existed but will only argue that they do not exist today. In fact I think I can prove
that no large Mammal exists that we have not found. The reason I use mammal is because of the descriptions of supposed sightings, this would likely be
a mammal with it’s size and other features.

To do this some scientific principals and known statistics must be accepted. The first one is archeology and bones and fossils, not huge for this
topic other than there is no Archeological Evidence for Bigfoot or Yeti yet unearthed. Next we would have to agree that if this creature existed it
would be either Humanoid or Great Ape most likely but surely a mammal and therefore have the lifespan and predators of these classes and sizes of
animals. That would mean probably if Bigfoot existed they would live a natural lifespan of between 60 and 80 years. I wont argue that it couldn’t be
40 or 100, but its a fair number I think. And with those ground issues in place I will attempt to prove it can not be.

#1. Bigfoot if it existed would have to have been around for a while, it would not be some new evolutionary species, precisely because we have the old
tales from some cultures of these Yeti/Bigfeet existing. If it was plentiful in the past and is going extinct now we should still have some evidence
of some kind, bones or dead bodies or pictures. It’s not like they live underwater where man is not at a lot, they are claimed to be larger than men
by most.

#2. Science has proven in population studies that if a society does not maintain a growth ratio of 2.7% it will disappear. This means that you will
eventually level off with deaths (natural and untimely) and births, but this doesn’t level off until you have a large population. So small groups of
these creatures or lone ones could not maintain a population for very long before it just did itself in. Of course this number changes for conditions
like desert and food supply and deaths, but I am using the American model for this. In Africa they have to have a larger # of children to maintain
that growth ratios of 2.7% because so many die young and do not live to reproduce. I would even be willing to lower the needed growth rate for a
creature with no natural predators and one that ate a healthy diet and lived a long time naturally and often. Of course that growth rate has to be
maintained or extinction will come but I won’t argue that it wouldn’t be a slower process for extinction with such an animal, but eventually even it
would die out. Possibly this is what we are seeing now with so few real sightings of something if it were Bigfeet. Maybe we are watching their
extinction, but I don’t believe so because of the other missing evidence that a large population ever existed.

#3. Hunters – There are not many natural vast expanses of wilderness, particularly in America, left for these creatures to live undetected by someone
at some time. And since many of the sightings are coming from inside towns and residential centers one would have to think we are encroaching on such
an animal if it existed. How is it that no hunter has ever got one? How is it that, like with deer and moose none has been hit by a car. How could
they not be spotted all the time like bears and elk and moose and well everything we have in this Nation is and has been seen numerous times and shot
and photographed and documented. Even the nocturnal creatures and surely all the large ones. It could not be assumed it would understand roads and
cars and know to look both ways before crossing. There is a disturbing lack of any evidence here in the Hunts and accidental car hits. All those
hunters in all those woods in all those tree stands and not one ever shot? All those roads in all those towns and not 1 hit?

#4. Sightings (so called) – With all the technology especially today how is it that no one can get a picture of these things that is definitive? Trail
cams and hunting cams and all the surveillance done now in America like looking for drugs by air and drones and Satellites. Again we could not assume
they would know a trail cam and avoid them when walking in the woods at night or day, it would not understand photography which is why trail cams work
for hunters. A community of any size would have to leave traces in the woods and these could be spotted and found by accident, yet not one Bigfoot
community or home has ever been found. Starting to look more Great Ape than Humanoid based on this fact, if something exists.

#5. Wilderness – Already mentioned there is not a lot of places or large areas that man is not in at some time or another or watching. And as we have
taken up land and encroached deeper into the untame areas not one picture, body, bones, homes, nests again it is just not been found in any form live
or dead.

#6. Bones – Archeology has not ever found a complete skeleton and I don’t think any individual bones. But even if one or two unknown bones were
around where is the rest of the bones and there should be many bones of these creatures found by now. No bones after forest fires have been found, no
babies bones even.

#7. Predators – If this creature was living in North American Wilderness areas it would have no natural predators for its size except possibly an
occasional Grizzly and man. Again no bones have been found from a bear feast or a hunter the only two predators that could maybe take down something
so big.

#8. Food Supply – If it was strictly a herbivore it could have an unlimited supply of food depending on the diet. An Omnivore would also be presumed
to have a good food supply just supplemented with meat. A strict carnivore is a lot less likely just because of the amount of food that would be
available to such a large creature in many places where they are claimed to be sighted. And we can assume from man and ape and our diet that they
would likely be omnivore’s or herbivores. So a nearly unlimited supply of food should make most animal species grow large and sustained but again we
have no evidence of such large #’s of any creatures this size anywhere yet.

#9. Life Span – We covered this a bit already. If they are herbivore’s only and humanoid or Great Ape we could expect a lifespan of upwards of 80
probably. The herbivore would have a natural food supply and a nearly unlimited supply of it which would lead to longer lives too.

I think one can safely say that there are no large unknown Mammals left. I believe I have laid out a case that shows how unlikely it could be that
such creatures exist with so little evidence in so many fields.

2 Responses to “Bigfoot can not exist today I am sorry but science cannot support it.”

  1. richard says:

    Casting aside the axiom that it is impossible to prove that something does not exist, let’s go point-by-point:

    #1: Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Biologists, hunters, all agree that it is virtually unheard-of to stumble upon animal remains in the wild, due to the fact that they are quickly consumed by a variety of life-forms (including bones, which are favoured by porcupines). If Sasquatch/Yeti are hominids, as is highly possible (should they in fact exist), then there is also the possibility that they dispose of their dead in some fashion, ranging from burial to cannibalism.

    #2: If they exist, there is nothing to indicate that their population is not growing by 2.4%, declining by 2.4% or growing or receding at all. We are still having difficulty studying them, so any data or guesses concerning population growth are beyond academic. They very well could be in decline.

    #3: There are very large expanses of undeveloped and unexplored (satellite photos do not count) land in both the US and Canada. I don’t know how you arrived at the conclusion that there is so little unexplored/undeveloped land. And when it comes to Canada, the amount of wilderness exceeds the total area of the US. Even national parks and military reserves, though demarcated by borders on a map, have huge regions in which no-one has set foot.

    #4: You cannot assume that an intelligent hominid would be unable to identify a trail cam. Trail cams emit a noise that is audible to most animals, humans included; deer, for example, have a tendency to avoid them. As far as getting a picture, something that is not only rare but wants to avoid you has a tendency not to pose for photo-ops.

    #5: You rehashed your argument from #1, however I’d like to elaborate by saying that more than one person has claimed to have recovered biological samples (bone, hair, feces, blood, etc) and many have submitted them for DNA analyses. The result of “unidentified primate” has been given more than once. However, despite the fact they we’ve been able to identify the DNA of every known primate and that there are no known native primates in North America (save Man), mainstream science refuses to acknowledge that this is evidence supporting the possibility of the existence of Sasquatch(I encourage you to follow Dr. Melba Ketchum’s study which is currently undergoing peer review).

    #6: Once again, you are reiterating #1. Ask hunters how many complete skeletons they ever find of common wildflife and most will tell you “never”. Field biologists will say the same. I suspect that you have not, in fact, done much in the way of interviewing reasonably-sized samples of either the former or the latter.

    #7: Why do you keep reiterating #1? Were you unable to come up with nine actual bullet points?

    #8: Since Sasquatch are believed to be omnivorous, based upon a variety of observations, you are making the incorrect assumption that an unlimited food supply causes unlimited growth in all species; this is patently not true. Some species of animal may have only one or two offspring during a lifetime, regardless of the food supply. You have drawn a specious connection in this regard, one that is, based upon centuries of observation, entirely incorrect.

    #9: An 80-year lifespan is common for a human being in many modern, industrialized scountries, but in Russia, for example, the average male lifespan is in the 50s, due to a variety of factors. In Swaziland, the average life expectancy is 33.1 years. In the early 20th century, the global average lifespan was 30. You seem to have leapt to another conclsuion, based upon absolutely no research, however meagre. These numbers are available to one and all at a few clicks of a mouse. If we assign Sasquatch as a hominid, using estimated paleolithic (caveman) life expectancies, the average age would be about 30.

    In closing, despite the fact that something cannot, in fact, be proven NOT to exist, you have offered really nothing more to support your thesis other than fairly uneducated opinions mand unresearched statements. In a debate, you would be slaughtered; if this were a research paper, your instructor’s first question would probably have been “Where’s the research”. Suppositions, based upon incomplete knowledge, are worth less than the energy it takes to press the keys on a computer. May I ask, are you a republican? This type of blanket denial, fatuous statement and refusal to acknowledge or seek out actual facts is their MO.

  2. richard says:

    What’s wrong, can’t deal with actual arguments supported by facts? You’re hilarious.

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