Big Pharma pushes for U.S. action against India over patent worries

From Reuters:

Feb 6 (Reuters) – Global pharmaceutical firms are pressuring the United States to act against India to stop more local companies producing up
to a dozen new varieties of cheap generic drugs still on-patent, sources with direct knowledge of the matter said.

An Indian government committee is reviewing patented drugs of foreign firms to see if so-called compulsory licences, which in effect break exclusivity
rights, can be issued for some of them to bring down costs, two senior government officials told Reuters.

The drugs that are part of the review process are used for treating cancer, diabetes, hepatitis and HIV, said the sources, declining to give details.
No timeline has been given for completion of the review process.

This topic has been debated a lot lately on here. Some of us believe in a Socialist from of healthcare where this would not be an issue and the
state/government would be in control of healthcare and drugs. Other believe the Capitalist approach is better because it gives Big Pharma incentive to
make new and better medicine with the ultimate goal is making a profit.

I personally think a Socialism type of healthcare is better because in the capitalism approach results in profits being more important than the
patient and I believe that is an unethical practice. There are new drugs that could possibly help those with cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, and HIV but
many of those patients can not afford the new drugs because they are too expensive and will likely suffer more and/or die because they have to rely on
older cheaper treatments.

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