being a good UFO witness

We’ve all seen blurry photos and vague accounts from UFO witnesses, and its very understandable. I think it would be quite easy and natural to just
gawk at a UFO without collecting any useful info for filing a report. We’ve also seen where mass reports of a UFO(s) are inconsistent between people.
I’ve seen blank pages on sites like MUFON or NICAP where one can submit a UFO sighting, but I haven’t seen a guide on how one can be a good witness
before one actually sees something. Some sort of list of reminders to make good observations. I think this would be a useful things for those groups
to post. Some thoughts I had:

-check a clock or watch during the sighting. People’s reports of time can vary quite a bit because lots of people will stare at the thing without
ever actually checking the time. Checking the time can also help confirm reports of a moving craft seen at multiple locations, and could be used to
figure out the speed between 2 sightings. A watch could also be helpful in noting how long it took to get from one landmark to another, or how long
the sighting lasts, or a particular part of the sighting lasted.

-use your outstretched hand to get some relative size. Lots of Project Blue Book reports use this methodology, but I think they were mostly estimated
after the fact. It would be more reliably to actually do this when the object is in the air rather than guessing afterwards, because the mind and
objects in the sky can play tricks on you.

-note reference points on the land. This could be useful in determining what an object was flying over, and how fast its moving. Using a watch, you
might also note how long it took to get from one mountain to another, which could be used later on to determine speed.

-record as much as possible. Obviously this includes taking pictures and/or video if you are able, even if it turns out to be one of those maddening
blurry ones. But this also includes writing things down. You shouldn’t rely on your memory because it can forget and be suggestible, whereas a piece
of paper stays the same. A night’s sleep can totally ruin the facts of an event.

Those were just a few thoughts I had off the top of my head. Any other ideas on what a good witness should do? Is this a topic worth exploring?

my blurry ufo pic

I gawked at this for a while before a hasty blurry photo, and didn’t check the time or anything.

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