Back to ‘Occupy!’: The International Center of Photography Exhibit (Photos)

As we approach the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, on Sept. 17, the International Center of Photography in New York is marking it with a suitably open-armed exhibition called simply “Occupy!” It will be on view each weekend through Sept. 30 in a reclaimed barracks on Governor’s Island. ICP curators have held an open call for submissions, and will be hanging every Occupy image that came in before Aug. 15—a few of which are shown here. “There’s an incredibly wide range of pictures, of surprisingly high quality,” says Brian Wallis, chief curator at ICP. He gives the credit to new digital technologies, which put photography within reach of more people than ever. He also notes that this same technology was crucial to Occupy’s success, and to spreading news of its actions.

—Blake Gopnik

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